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Cinema is a powerful medium for transformation. It can reveal hidden realities, and it allows us to get closely connected to people and their stories. The Green Screen wants to use this power to set the starting point for political debates on how the post-pandemic recovery can lead us to a better tomorrow. Every month, we invite you to watch a European film that addresses societal issues from a different perspective. 1000 free tickets are released each month. Book your seat now!



1h 32m Documentary 2019
Earth: Muted
1h 10m Documentary 2021
My Favorite War
1h 22m Animation, Documentary 2020
2h 11m Documentary 2014
1h 44m Documentary 2019
The Forum
1h 58m Documentary 2019
Youth Unstoppable
1h 29m Documentary 2020
The 8th
1h 34m Documentary 2020
When tomatoes met Wagner
1h 12m Documentary 2019
Children of Chance
1h 40m Documentary 2017
Burning Out
1h 25m Documentary 2016